Street Outreach

street outreach

Street Outreach

St. Stephen's Street Outreach team provides the first contact for individuals experiencing homelessness and for the community members concerned for them.

Partnering with law enforcement, faith communities, probation officers, and a multitude of social service providers, this intensive, on-the-spot outreach:

  • Provides housing opportunities as well as emergency needs such as food, clothing, and shelter
  • Seeks people living outside
  • Works with police to intervene when livability crimes (such as public intoxication) would be better served with a social service response than arrest
  • Responds to non-emergency calls from the community
  • Click Here (PDF) for our client brochure, which is used by our Street Outreach Team and volunteers to connect people on the streets to resource

Contact Street Outreach at (612) 879-7624 or call free from any payphone: 1-888-550-7624.