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Please fill out the following volunteer application to be considered to volunteer with St. Stephen's Human Services.

Please note that completion of the application and/or the application process in no way guarantees an applicant a volunteer position with St. Stephen's Human Services.

If you have questions please contact Tess at (612) 879-7627 or tgehring@ststephensmpls.org.

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Background & References

Since some of our positions involve access to confidential information and/or contact with at-risk populations, a person's prior conviction(s) may be prohibitive to serving in some positions. Depending on the position(s) you are interested in, we may also pursue a background check later in the application process. If the background check shows information different than you have disclosed, we may choose to deny you placement as a volunteer with our organization. This is an opportunity for and a verification of openness and honesty, rather than an attempt to exclude people. Thank you for understanding.


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