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My name is Tyrell I’m 18 years old and last night I stayed at my sister’s house.

I became homeless because when I was with my mom in May we got into an argument.  She kicked me out, so I kinda lived in the streets for a couple weeks.  It was stressful cuz you know I went through stuff I didn’t want to go through I did stuff I didn’t want to do to get money, you feel me?  So it was, like, kinda wrecked.   

Actually I’m going to a shelter tonight to better myself as in house living and better myself as in employment so I can become something, you feel me?

My dream is becoming one of the best musicians in the world, as in rapping or singing.  This is one I wrote when, I think I was 16 or 15 it was like…

They wanna know what I did wrong
Meant to having been strong
Hard to the level that you’ll never be on
But I beat on, that G-O-D as I reform
Had a better deform
I choose my match like a date inside your question
Playing and I’m still on flight
Yeah that’s right
I’m on the top but you still couldn’t stop me
Running through the haters similar to German Sharkey
Right now I still got my open vowel
Wishing on a hopeless star similar to a hopeless child
I make moves so I’m never bored
I’m like checkers on a checker board
People do this, people do that
Is he the one that ever shows the pain
Which is why I try to help myself in a special way
Explore myself with rapping day by day
When I was young I didn’t have a good lord, so
There was an issue when I tried to help myself
Everybody know you’re born ill
But me you try to kill
Homeboy, you need to chill

That’s a little piece I wrote, you know when I was young.