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My name is Ron, I’m 49.  Last night we stayed in a transitional housing.  We were in a homeless shelter for two months, my girlfriend Carla, and my three boys: Samuel, Nicholas and Benjamin.  

The reason why we’re homeless is because we had complained so much about things that were wrong in the apartment, but the landlord didn’t want to fix it, so we complained to the city commission and they gave the landlord 10 days to fix it or condemn it.  Therefore he evicted us.  We got our eviction on Thursday and then we had to be out on Friday.  We got most of the possessions out, a lot of it were left behind.  He disposed of it illegally without holding it under state laws.  I lost my job due to the apartment because my job is, I’m a contractor to the phone company.  I use a laptop for work, but my laptop got disposed of.

Most folks don’t understand the homelessness, they think it’s because you’re an alcoholic, you’re on drugs, you’re losing everything because you’re buying everything else.  That’s not the case.  I mean homelessness could be a situation where the landlord wouldn’t do nothing, he evicted us and I ended up losing my job because of it.  It could be fire, could be anything, it’s not necessarily the cliché that homelessness is drug related, alcohol related.  It could be variables of things.