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My name is Alex.  I’m 46 years old.  Last night I stayed at Motel 6.  Salvation Army wrote me a voucher for a week, to stay there for a week. 
I became homeless because of a foreclosure.  I had a significant other, we split up, she moved away.  I needed her income to pay for the housing and when she left I couldn’t afford to keep the housing.  Now my credit’s ruined—foreclosure--and the children have no rental history so they can’t get a place.

I finally got out of that self-loathing, self-hating that I had gotten myself into and I just want the kids to be situated.  Right now my goal is to just get the family some type of housing.  I’ve got three of them here today but my paraplegic son is back at the motel.  Get my grandson into school.  My youngest son, he has a job, thank you lord for that.  I gotta a get my daughter Kay back into school, and then my older son into some type of housing.

They only have one male shelter in this town and that’s the Dorothy Day shelter with 23 beds, for men and women.  They have the Interfaith shelter for women with kids, but men can’t go there.  Those are the only two shelters in this town.  They suggest I split up: I send my daughter and my grandson to Interfaith, right, for thirty days; I go to Dorothy Day for fifteen days.  There is no place for my paraplegic son.  ‘So this is what we suggest: We’ll put him in foster home.  Let a foster home deal with him.’

This town is geared for the Mayo Clinic, so, they have a lot of realty companies renting their homes instead of individuals and they do background credit checks and they try to keep you out due to the fact that you have so many people coming in to see people staying in the hospital that they can rent to.  So the other people that’s here kind of get shafted.