Protect Those Experiencing Unsheltered Homelessness

Take action to protect those experiencing unsheltered homelessness from the ravages of COVID-19


Please contact your elected officials today!

Minneapolis Mayor’s Office: 612-673-2100  

Your Minneapolis City Council Member:

Your Hennepin County Commissioner:

If you need further assistance finding your elected officials, we are happy to help. Please send us an email.


Sample Script:

Dear [Insert Title/Name of Elected Official],

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, time is running out for persons experiencing unsheltered homelessness. Please take bold and comprehensive action today! Without strong action steps, our neighbors without a home will experience grave risk. The COVID-19 virus is actively circulating throughout our community, including among those experiencing unsheltered homelessness.

Governor Walz’s order directing Minnesotans to Stay at Home is simple: Shelter at home. But people experiencing unsheltered homelessness don’t have a home to go to. In Hennepin County, there are more than 700 people living on the streets. 57% of homeless adults in Minnesota have a chronic physical health condition, greatly increasing their risk. Without a home, it is almost impossible to social distance or to follow other recommended guidelines to avoid contracting the virus -- or to take care of yourself if you do.


To keep everyone in our community safe we need:

  •  Single dwelling units, such as hotels, for all people experiencing homelessness.

  • Designated locations with hygiene services, potable water, toilets, and basic services, such as trash removal, for individuals living in tents or vehicles allowing for CDC spacing recommendations for those unable to get into single-unit spaces.

  • Viable alternatives available if camps are cleared for any reason. To force people to leave without another option is inhumane and puts people at greater risk of contracting the virus.

  • Full access to personal protective equipment for people experiencing unsheltered homelessness and for the outreach teams that support them.


We are in crisis response mode. The community calls on you to reduce this grave risk for our unsheltered neighbors.


Thank you,


[Insert Your Name]

[Insert Your Address or Zip Code]

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