Partnership Spotlight

The Minneapolis Police Department has been working hard to change the ways it interacts with community members experiencing homelessness. Earlier this year, the Department created a new role for Sgt. Grant Snyder focused on liaising with Minneapolis' homeless population.

Because of our strong reputation in the community, the Minneapolis Police sought out St. Stephen's Human Services and our Street Outreach team as key partners in this initiative.

"This collaboration model where we're bringing medical, we're bringing advocacy and social work and everybody to the table, those are things that the police department was sort of absent from before," says Sgt. Snyder, who is the face of the Department's Homeless and Vulnerable Populations Initiative.

Here is a round-up of recent coverage of this initiative:

MPD's homeless project seeing success - KSTP, August 9, 2018 (don't miss the video that highlights how St. Stephen's Clinton Avenue Shelter fits into the partnership!)

Mpls police work to change relationships with people who are homeless - Minnesota Public Radio, August 9, 2018

Minneapolis police taking a different approach to homelessness - Star Tribune, August 8, 2018

Minneapolis dedicates sergeant to help the city's homeless population - Fox9 News, August 8, 2018



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