George Floyd

St. Stephen’s Human Services stands in solidarity with George Floyd, his family, and all who are grieving. George's killing at the hands of Minneapolis Police has caused and will continue to cause extreme individual and collective trauma. 

We are an organization with a long-standing commitment to social justice and we will not stand by in silence. We are grateful to the community leaders who immediately stepped forward to demand justice for George Floyd, and we will continue to work to lift the voices of those directly impacted by systems of oppression. 

We echo the calls for Mike Freeman to immediately file charges against the four Minneapolis police officers involved and for them to be held accountable for their actions.  

But we know this is not enough. People cannot continue to be killed because of the color of their skin. St. Stephen’s is committed to the work of dismantling white supremacy, and we know this change won’t come easily or painlessly. Consider the ways you can leverage any privilege you may have to work towards this change. Here is a list of resources, shared by Brittany Packnett Cunningham.  

Thank you for being in community with us as we fight for justice together.


Published May 29, 2020


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