advocacy in ACTion network

advocacy in ACTion network


St. Stephen’s Human Services Advocacy Committee

invites you to join our new

advocacy in ACTion network!


What is the advocacy in ACTion network? 

It is a partnership of St. Stephen’s Human Services, our volunteers, donors, clients and communities all working together to end homelessness. The advocacy in ACTion network is the education and advocacy arm of St. Stephen’s Human Services.

Why have an advocacy in ACTion network? 

At St. Stephen's, in addition to providing direct services to people experiencing homelessness, we also believe it is important to educate community members about the reality of homelessness and to advocate for policy reforms and best practices to end homelessness. We want the people we serve to be empowered, to have a voice and tell their stories.

Who should join the advocacy in ACTion network?

If you are interested in learning more about state and local government policies that help end homelessness, you should join our advocacy in ACTion network. If are interested in advocating for our St. Stephen's Advocacy Agenda that promotes initiatives to end homelessness and support affordable housing, please consider joining. 

What do I get if I join?

If you join the advocacy in ACTion network you’ll receive regular updates on government policies and legislation impacting homelessness, as well as occasional targeted calls to action. You will also receive our quarterly St. Stephen’s Human Services newsletter, if you don’t already.

How do I join?

You can join the St. Stephen’s advocacy in ACTion network by submitting your information below:

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Please consider partnering with us to help end homelessness.